Rooted: A Novel
Nothing Stays Buried Forever. Not even blood. 

All hell breaks loose when a strung-out NY punk crash-lands in a sleepy Southern town, raising Cain and resurrecting questions about his mother's mysterious disappearance his iron-fisted grandfather is determined to keep buried.

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Headshots: Short Story Collection
Shotgun blasts that deliver the goods on life in all its pain and glory.

Inside, a boy learns how hard it is to be good in post war Mississippi, a father teaches his beloved daughter her place in the world, and an elderly doctor makes the ultimate sacrifice on a dying planet. All this, plus plenty more to keep an avid reader's head engaged.

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Cursed! My Devastatingly Brilliant Campaign To Save The Chigg
A Mortal Frenemies Tale!
Available January 2018!

Ginny Edgers, creative genius and future award-winning zombie screenwriter/director/producer, sets out to save eighth-grade's biggest outcast from a dark, family curse while writing the most zomborrific screenplay of all time!


From the Desk of Idabel Allen

My world is muddy. It’s filled with gravel roads, creek banks, steep bluffs and cotton fields. It is a world of bumblers, pastors, space-lost archeologists, punk rockers, iron-fisted patriarchs, rednecks, zombie lovers, seekers and soothsayers. A world of pain and shame, where redemption is hard fought for and hard won.

So lock in the hubs, turn up the radio and hold tight - this is one ride you won't soon forget!


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