Rooted: A Novel
A Talented view of the south! 

All hell breaks loose when a strung-out NY punk crash-lands in a sleepy Southern town, raising Cain and resurrecting questions about his mother's mysterious disappearance his iron-fisted grandfather is determined to keep buried.

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Headshots: Short Story Collection
Shotgun blasts that deliver the goods on life in all its pain and glory.

Inside, a boy learns how hard it is to be good in post war Mississippi, a father teaches his beloved daughter her place in the world, and an elderly doctor makes the ultimate sacrifice on a dying planet. All this, plus plenty more to keep an avid reader's head engaged.

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Cursed! My Devastatingly Brilliant Campaign To Save The Chigg
One chiggalicious story you do not want to miss!
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Ginny Edgers, creative genius and future award-winning zombie screenwriter/director/producer, sets out to save eighth-grade's biggest outcast from a dark, family curse while writing the most zomborrific screenplay of all time!


From the Desk of Idabel Allen

Here I am. Writing for you.

It may come as a surprise, but not to me. I’ve been writing for you for twenty-plus years. You just never knew until this very moment.

Let me explain.

After work and supper and dishes and ball practice and bath and bedtime stories, I wrote. Turning my attention from the outer-world to that inner one that can feel just as real in many ways. I’ve crafted entire towns, flowing rivers, dirt roads and a dying planet. Created sons and daughters and punks and patriarchs. Children, dogs, and even a few redemption-seeking revenants. Dealt out unbearable pain, guilt and shame like some slick-haired poker dealer at a high stakes table. 


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