Rooted: A Novel

Strung-out NY punk crash-lands in sleepy Southern town, raising Cain and resurrecting questions about his mother's mysterious disappearance his iron-fisted grandfather is determined to keep buried.

Sweeping from the grime of the 70’s New York City punk scene to the truck-scarred roads of rural Tennessee, this evocative, wry, and beautifully-written novel captures the grit of Southern storytelling at its finest while also launching a fresh, unique new voice.
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About the Book

Working his lifetime to bury a shameful past and restore the family name, Grover McQuiston rules the town of Moonsock, Tennessee and his family with an iron fist. Or he did, until his eerily skittish tomboy granddaughter, Sarah Jane, scandalizes the entire town. Before Grover can force Sarah Jane to marry, blue-haired, strung-out punk Slade Mortimer crash lands in Moonsock in a stolen car, claiming to be Grover’s long-lost grandson and seeking an inheritance. When Slade’s presence resurrects questions regarding his mother’s mysterious disappearance years before, it seems things couldn’t get any worse.

Then Grover’s wife, Eleanor, dies. And in those flat delta fields, Grover learns nothing, absolutely nothing stays buried forever.

As the McQuistons prepare for a most unusual funeral, they must account for their past sins: Grover, whose darkest secrets are about to become unearthed. Reclusive Sarah Jane, who hides deep literary talents and deeper scars. And Slade, running from the memory of his dead girlfriend and her vengeful father, seeking the legacy he never knew he possessed—and discovering the family he never knew he needed.

Lovers of Southern Literature, Americana, and the 70’s New York punk scene will rejoice in this masterfully penned family drama, rooted in the works of Southern storytellers such as William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Truman Capote, Flannery O’Connor and more.

Genre: Literary
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Lowbrow Literary
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback, eBook
Length: 320 pages
ASIN: 1946718017
ISBN: 9781946718013

List Price: 16.00
eBook Price: 3.99
Idabel Allen has a solid, remarkable little book here... a strange blend of punk music, Flannery O' Connor's inimitable Southern oddness.
Entertaining collision between a New York Rocker and his Tennessee family. The novel is engaging and ends on a feel-good note. Idabel Allen is a talented writer with a promising future.
This isn't about the genteel, quaint South. It's a complex, raw story about family secrets, a country funeral that gives an emotional gut punch, and the meandering path of fate that re-unites a troubled family.
This book was really something different! I got into it fairly quickly and was surprised by the pace and style drawing me in, despite the unnatural melange of characters, happenings, family ties refinding their purpose and connections. The mix and match of language and story is unforgettable, pretty original to say the least. I recommend you give it a try.
Bit of Southern Gothic, bit of Steel Magnolias if Stiv Bators Analog was In the Mix. - Issue #99
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About the Author
Idabel Allen

Idabel Allen serves up the best in new home cooked Southern Literature in the tradition of Eudora Welty, Charles Portis, William Faulkner and Flannery O'Connor.

First and foremost a storyteller, Idabel's books are all grounded in the same character-driven reality that holds the reader’s attention long after the story is finished.

Idabel brings over fifteen years of experience as a professional writer and editor to the literary table. She attended the Iowa Writers' Workshop Fiction program and is the author of Headshots, Cursed! My Devastatingly Brilliant Campaign and Rooted. Idabel's books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and independent bookstores across this fine land.

Idabel has been published in Writer’s Digest, TripFiction, Women Writers, Women’s Books and featured in Southern Writers Magazine.

When not burrowing in the written word, Idabel is generally up to no good with her family, dogs and herd of antagonistic cows.

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