Got this little gem of an email, thought I’d pass it on in case you are living under a rock and are not aware just how dang awesome Rooted is:

“Just finished finally getting down into your book in my queue of books to review. Idabel, I was going to write to you to say this isn’t my kind of book and after reading the first chapter or so was ready to put it down. So glad I didn’t (I really don’t like movies or books that use so much foul language).  I read on and found the reading very engaging. Finally I couldn’t put it down as I read on to the final parts of the story.  You are truly a gifted author and I must say I very much enjoyed the book with its redeeming characters, esp the grandfather.  I will write a review in the next day or so and pass it along for your preview.

Thanks again for inviting me to review your fine writing.” Jim G.

Yes, another satisfied customer. I want to thank Jim G. for sharing his insightful feedback and ask that you do the same. Let me know your thoughts on the Tennessee Delta classic, Rooted.



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